Nancy Legner's Charitable Approach to Art
"Art with a Heart, Collage for a Cure"

Inspired by cancer patients Cheryl Hintz and Jennifer Engelhardt, artist Nancy Legner wants their 'fight' to help the 'fight' of others. One of Nancy's goals as an artist is to form a partnership with medical research to help find a cure for cancer. Her mission is called "Art With a Heart - A Collage for a Cure." Her objective is to generate donations for the American Cancer Society from sales of her Giclee prints and original artwork.

Nancy Legner feels that the most important part of art production and medical research is that an on-going legacy is passed on to someone else. The creation of a piece of visual art brings great joy to the viewer or owner. Advances in medicine brings great hope, treatment, and the possibilities of a cure to a patient. In a museum, visual delight may be experienced generation after generation. In a private collection, the work can be bequeathed to someone else, for another lifetime of pleasure. Over the years research in the medical field has improved the lives of cancer patients decade after decade. Cancer patients become a collection of individuals, whose fight should not be forgotten, but should be honored. Visual art and medical research are gifts that keep on giving.

There are many similarities in the methodology and its symbolism in Nancy Legner's art with her visionary cause. Legner's works are collages of abandoned images of the past. Often found on dusty tables at flea markets in zip-lock bags, or carefully cut and glued into 'scrapbooks,' each image represents an unknown being. Her work collages forgotten souls... uniting the unknown into a whole new world of purpose. Nancy Legner is offering unframed 9" x 12" Giclee archival prints on canvas at a 60% discount. The cost per print is $40.00 (plus $10.00 shipping and handling per order). The buyer is asked to donate any amount beyond the $40.00 cost, so the artist can send it to the American Cancer Society.

The word "collage" means putting many pieces together to form a 'whole.' Every heartfelt donation will be pieced together as to form "A Collage for a Cure."