Artist Statement
My acrylic and mixed-media paintings are carefully-articulated, whimsical fantasies that communicate highly personal narrative themes. The paintings become editorials of events and places in my life that need to be portrayed ... sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Influenced by a long-ago secret world of objects, creatures and places, the paintings have a vintage ambience. With an understanding of the Victorian period, the canvasses are rendered in a ritual process being full of a busy abundance. The compositions explode with color and movement ... being outrageous, humorous, playful or absurd!

In my earlier work, Victorian dolls were attacked by menacing villains and trapped in compartment-like rooms of 19th century houses. No more a victim, my recent paintings represent a flip-flop of attitude! The dolls, figures and images have emerged outdoors and have been set free to go wherever they want to in life. They have become strong, triumphal images of righteousness, often over evil.



Artist Statement